Tribe 8 Player's Handbook

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The strange and wonderful world of Tribe 8 fascinates you, but you don't know what to do with it? The T8 Player's Handbook answers it all. Designed and written with the assistance of hardcore Tribe 8 players, this manual contains an overview of the game world, followed by extensive tips on atmosphere, character design, equipment, Synthesis and much more!
This book is eminently practical; it's really a player's handbook, designed to help getting started (and progressing) in a fantasy game where there are no elves or dwarves. It is full of serious advice on designing characters: the best combinations of Attributes, Skills, and Perks, adventure/campaign ideas, background generators, and a lot more handy stuff on equipment, traditions, and combat.
The Tribe 8 Player's Handbook also contains a complete Open Gaming License conversion section. It explains how to make Tribe 8 compatible with the world's bestselling fantasy roleplaying game, enabling players to import 3rd edition rules' monsters and adventures from other fantasy settings, or to play a Tribe 8 campaign with the well-known 3rd edition rules set.