The Way of the Clans Book Two: The Way of the Unicorn




The second of the Way of the Clans series.

For eight hundred years, the Ki-Rin Clan wandered the wastelands outside of Rokugan. When they returned, they were the Clan of the Unicorn, armed with barbarian magics and tactics. Discover the secrets of Rokugan’s most exotic Clan.
* New character rules for Otaku Battle-Maidens and the doomed Moto family.
* New Skills, Techniques, Advantages, and Disadvantages, including Unicorn Ancestors.
* The use of cavalry in Rokugan before and after the arrival of the Unicorn Clan
* Ancient artifacts and relics and Fortune and Heritage tables.
* Advanced Horsemanship, Archery, and the exotic Barbarian weapons and tactics the Unicorn brought back from the Burning Sands.
* And more!


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