The Way Of The Clans Book Six: The Way Of Lion


For a thousand years they have had a single purpose: Protect the any cost.

There are no secrets to discover within these pages. No lies to be deciphered. No hidden agendas to master. There is only truth. This is the path of the warrior. The path of the Lion.

* The history of the Lion Clan, including their most important battles and the generals who fought them.
*New character rules for Matsu Bushi, Kitsu sodan-senzo and Ikoma Bards
* Excerpts from Leadership and Bushido
* Information on warfare in Rokugan, including armies, tactics and advice on roleplaying a military campaign.
* New Skills, Techniques, Advantages and Disadvantages, and Lion Ancestors.
* Information on the Lion provinces and Jigoku, the spirit world.

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