Classic Spycraft Shadowforce Archer Campaign Setting


What if James Bond Quit the Service, M couldn't be trusted, and Q worked for the bad guys?

This official Spycraft setting rips back a shroud of conspiracy concealing a century of lies, and presents a thrilling world of incredible movie action, psychic spies, mystic artifacts, and world-spanning criminal organizations, threatening to topple the global order. You play a shadow operative of the vast Archer Conspiracy, charged with secretly keeping the world safe... from itself.

  • Eight New Agencies: Join the Archer Foundation, African Alliance, Company, European Collective, Guardians of the Whispering Knife, Pan-Asian Collective, Room 39, or the Russian Confederacy to take on the traitorous Shop. Each Agency, or "Chamber," has its own cross-genre flavor.
  • Prestige Classes: Become a tactical Counter-Terrorist, a calculating Hacker, or a mystic Shadespeaker.
  • Chemical Monsters, Psionic Investigators, and Mystic Spies: Enter a world where anything is possible and even the secrets of the human mind, body, and spirit are yours to command.
  • Not Our World, Not Our History: Blending real-world events with a detailed and imaginative backstory, Shadowforce Archer is a fresh and exciting spin on the espionage genre.
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