Roll For It! (Purple Edition)


Roll For it is recommended for 2-4 players ages 8+ and plays in 20 minutes. Roll For It is very compact and travels easily making it the perfect game for in restaurants, while out camping, or anytime people are on the move. Excellent game play, fun colorful dice, quality cards and affordable price make Roll For It an exceptional entertainment value. A new series of fun and engaging micro-environments for kids to explore, Tiny Worlds has kids using the powerful XPlorescope to find the 300+ hidden objects scattered around on the 12 themed Tiny Worlds cards. Each card has a whole new world, hidden right under our noses.; Each Tiny World game kit comes with a powerful 45x magnifying microscope with an attached LED light, allowing kids to use the scope to explore objects other than the ones hidden on the cards, both inside and outside the house. Every edition of Tiny World also comes with a number of missions listing various ways to play for hours of fun. If they're struggling, a series of hints and clues will help keep kids engaged.; Simply place the cards with pictures down on a flat surface, select a mission from the rule book, and start searching for the hidden Tiny's on the cards. Each game comes with its own special travel tin.

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