Reaper Bones Dark Heaven Kobold Sprue Miniatures

by Reaper

Kobold Leaders (2) By Artist: Ben Siens Bones 25mm Heroic Scale Fantasy Miniatures Integral (built-in) bases Unpainted polymer models Durable and ready to paint right out of the package Bones miniatures from Reaper Miniatures are made from a polymer plastic and stand atop a built-in base. The miniatures come unpainted, are as detailed as metal figures, and are light-weight, slightly flexible and very durable. You can remove mold lines, reshape bent parts, cut off the built-in base, and paint the miniature straight out of the package (using miniature paint lines such as Reaper's Master Series or Master Series HD lines of paint, or you may use artist's acrylic paints). You can also cut the figures apart to convert them into different poses or change weapons. Caution: Adult supervision required while working with sharp objects and hot surfaces when modifying figure. Found in Reaper Miniatures' Category: Bones Reaper Miniatures Bones material is a polymer plastic. It is light-weight and slightly flexible, and is very durable. You can paint a Bones figure straight out of the package, and that paint job will also be pretty durable. Bones figures are as detailed as metal figures, for a much lower cost. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

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