Mysterium Main Game & Expansions (Sold Separately)



DescriptionMysterium is a cooperative murder mystery board game. At the start of the game, the ghost player selects a suspect, location and murder weapon for each medium to guess. The ghost give clues to the mediums through a series of visions in the form of illustrated cards each hour.

Ages 10+

2-7 Players

42 Minutes


Hidden SignsMysterium's first card expansion, adds even more mystery and challenge to the investigation with 78 brand new cards. Suspects have been unveiled, locations revealed and new objects discovered, and the ghost has even more visions for the psychics to interpret. Mysterium Main Game is required to play this expansion.

Secrets & Lies consists of six new characters, six new locations, six new items, and 18 story cards. This latter group of cards can replace the object cards in the game, with each card representing one way in which the ghost died. Mysterium Main Game is required to play this expansion.

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