2017 Marvel Spider-Man Homecoming Retail

  • One Autograph OR Sketch Card Per Box!
  • Two Movie Memorabilia Cards Per Box!
  • One Insert Card Per Pack!

Marvel Spider-Man Homecoming Hobby Box (Upper Deck 2017)-- Each Box contains One Autograph OR Sketch Card and Two Movie Memorabilia Cards! One Insert Card Per Pack! Six different inserts to collect featuring an array of imagery from behind the scenes to tech from the film! Five different inserts showcasing various aspects of production including Behind the Lens and Concept Art. Look for Actor Autographs! Find a variety of autograph card designs, including ALL NEW Booklet Card Autos! One Sketch or Autograph Card per box! One-of-one sketch cards featuring hand-drawn artwork. Memorabilia Cards! Authentic material used in the production of the movie! Look for two in every box! PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: BASE and SUBSET CARDS: (100) - Silver Foil Parallel 1:1.18 - Red Foil Parallel #'d to 199 - Blue Foil Parallel #'d to 99 - Black Foil Parallel #'d to 49 INSERT CARDS: (1 per pack) - Spider-Man Decathlon - Spider-Tech - Behind the Lens - Friend or Foe - Spider-Men and more ACTOR AUTOGRAPHS AND SKETCH CARDS: (combine to fall 1 per box) - Single and Dual actor autos - Single and Dual Character image actor autos (single #'d to 100, Dual #'d to 10) - Spider Booklet Autos (single #'d to 100, Dual #'d to 10) - Single and Dual autograph memorabilia cards MOVIE MEMORABILIA CARDS: (combine to fall 2 per box) - Webbed Threads Single - Webbed Threads Dual - Webbed Threads Triple - Webbed Threads Quad.

10 Packs Per Box

8 Cards Per Pack

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