Kingdom Builder Main Game & Expansions (Sold Separately)



Kingdom Builder-In Kingdom Builder, the players create their own kingdoms by skillfully building their settlements, aiming to earn the most gold at the end of the game. Build an engine to control more tiles, which give access to more abilities, which help you earn more gold. Each game, players will use a random set of Kingdom Builder cards (3 of the total of 10 cards), special actions (4 of possible 8) and terrain sectors to build the map (4 of 8 tiles), ensuring you won't play the same game twice.This is the main game.

Nomads Expansion 1- Kingdom Builder: Nomads provides more options and more variety for Donald X. Vaccarino's Kingdom Builder, with four new game boards - and consequently four new powers associated with their respective game boards, such as the power to place one or two stones from a quarry on empty spaces to block them. This is an expansion and must have the main game to play.

Kingdom Builder Crossroads Expansion 2-New locations and new challenges are what the land needs! Kingdom Builder Crossroads includes four new landscapes with two different location spaces to offer new options to shape the kingdom. The task cards challenge players to build their settlements in a certain way in order to gain even more gold at the end of the game.This is an expansion and must have the main game to play.

2-5 Players

Ages 8+


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