Heavy Gear Tactical Field Support Artillery & Ground Warfare

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The sound of the artillery batteries was a distant thunder on the far horizon. Temporarily safe at the bottom of a hastily digged foxhole, Ranger Callahan considered his options. With his Gear blown out from under him by a well-concealed mine, these were dreadfully limited.

Callahan immediatly ruled out any thought of a pick-up. This far out on the border, no operation was completely official, and if you missed the first bus home there was no second service.

"If I'm to make it out of here, I'll have to do it all by myself," he thought grimly. He carefully evaluated his meager possessions: a survival knife and kit, a small bedroll, a light anti-armor rocket launcher. He repacked them carefully in his backpack and peered out of the foxhole. Nothing in sight.

"No sense in staying here," he muttered while climbing out. Half-crouched, he began to run toward friendly lines - or at least, where they still were when he last heard from Command. Far ahead of him, he could see shafts of light rising into the night sky, probably the odd artillery rockets fired to make troops keep their head down.

"It's gonna be one hell of a walk back to the firebase," Callahan thought, "but if I make it I'll be getting drinks off the story for cycles..."


The Tactical Field Support manual contains additional rules and equipment for Dream Pod 9's exciting Heavy Gear mechanized science-fiction game. Within these covers you will find:

  • The all-new Skirmish Scale, which brings more detail and a lot more action to small units combat;
  • A detailed advanced combat initiative system for small unit actions;
  • Advanced artillery rules, including barrage fire and locked-on artillery missiles;
  • Advanced minefield rules, including proximity, remote and jumping mines;
  • Optional rules for field engineering and detailed close combat;
  • Eight new support weapon systems, from the Light Artillery Unit to the monstrous Very Heavy Artillery Missile;
  • Four new Perks, more options to add to your vehicles;
  • And fully illustrated descriptions and game stats for 25 battlefield support vehicles.