Heavy Gear Third Edition Vehicle Companion

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Vehicles have always formed an important part of the Heavy Gear universe. This 256-page sourcebook features more than 200 vehicles ranging from classic Gear chassis to striders, tanks, aircraft and specialty transports. The Vehicle Companion compiles the best known vehicle designs from the vast number of Heavy Gear manuals into a single convenient game reference. All vehicles have been revised and are dual-statted fro both Silhouette CORE and the Open Gaming License (OGL).

Includes vehicles from:

  • The North and South
  • The Badlands
  • The Duelists
  • Paxton
  • Black Talon
  • The CEF
  • Caprice and Utopia
  • Atlantis and Eden

Requires the use of the Silhouette CORE rulebook(tm) published by Dream Pod 9, Inc., or a Roleplaying Game Core Book published by Wizards of the Coast(R), Inc. You will also need a few six-sided dice, pen, paper and 2-6 players aged 12 and above. This product is largely compatible with previous Heavy Gear titles.