Heavy Gear Source Life On Terra Nova

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"Wha'ch'u want, littl' man?" The GREL's breath was as bad as his diction.

"I'm here to meet someone. A Major Bukharin. My name is Naed Stamens." Major Ceritto, his handler, had said the Arthurian officer would be waiting for him.

"Go'on." The Mordred signaled to the bunker-cum-bar and Naed went in.

He had only taken three steps when the blow caught him in the back of the neck. Stunned, he stumbled forward into the bar and the waiting arms of several Arthurian soldiers. They pinned his arms behind his back. He shook his head to clear his vision and came face to face with Major Eva Bukharin. She was holding a long, thin knife with several serrated protrusions.

"Now, Mister Stamens, you will answer some questions for me. I do not believe that Northern Intelligence wishes to be my friend. What is your true purpose here?" The torture implement caught the light. "Feel free to lie. I need the practice..."


The harsh world of Terra Nova was once the jewel in Earth's colonial crown, but it was eventually abandoned and forced to fend for itself. The planet has thrived since then. Home to 250 million humans, this once marginal world is now home to diverse cultures and belligerent nations. The confederations that rule the hemispheres are poised on the verge of war, trapping the desertic Badlands in the middle. Intrigue and action blend across the world as a global conflict begins.

Life on Terra Nova is the major roleplaying sourcebook for the entire Heavy Gear game line. This Second Edition is completely revised and updated, including all new information for dedicated Heavy Gear fans. This must-have includes:

  • A complete, updated history of humanity.
  • Source material on North, South and the Badlands -- including information on every city-state on the planet (over 80 in all).
  • A complete source chapter on Port Arthur, the community built by abandoned Earth soldiers and housing 90,000 GREL supersoldiers.
  • Tips and tools for creating roleplaying campaigns set in Port Arthur or elsewhere on Terra Nova.
  • Game statistics for several important character types, including four classes of GREL supersoldiers: Jan leaders, Mordred shocktroopers, Minerva pilots, and Morgana commandos.
  • Complete information on Terranovan culture, including sports, language, religion and intrigues.