Heavy Gear Tactical Miniatures Rules The War Goes On

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Terra Nova is a land full of beauty and mystery: rolling grasslands, rocky precipices, misty jungles, thick forests and harsh deserts. Through them all, the military forces of Terra Nova wage their deadly contests in the hopes of besting one another. The Heavy Gear Tactical Miniatures Rulesbook allows players to experience this struggle in miniature play format. This rulebook includes:

Quick Start Rules to allow you to get a game up and running in no time, whether in Tactical, Skirmish or Toy modes;
Advanced rules, such as Hull Down, Burst Fire and Detailed Damage to spark up gameplay;
Instructions and techniques on building and painting miniatures and terrain, presented in glorious color;
Basic listings for the Northern Guard, Southern MILICIA and Earth CEF armies;
Rules for building your own combat regiment or Rover band and upgrading your vehicles with extra equipment;
Six ready-to-play scenarios plus a detailed generator to construct your own.

A few six-sided dice, miniatures, pen and paper are required to play the game.