Heavy Gear Caprice Liberati Sourcebook

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Rebels and nomads on a rough primal world, the Liberati are stuck between uncaring megacorporations and a fascist government bent on conquest. They only really wanted to be left alone, but the New Earth Commonwealth will not accept independence, only total submission. It is literally a do-or-die situation for those brave souls on the front line of the new conflict racking the Heavy Gear universe!

This Heavy Gear sourcebook contains background information and resources for the Liberati, the underground freedom fighters/nomad miners on Caprice. The book also features information on the local resistance movements (see editor Chris Schaller's design notes about the project).

This sourcebook includes:

  • A complete history of the Liberati;
  • Full overview of Liberati culture and lifestyle;
  • Resistance operations and resources;
  • Sample Liberati-oriented campaign set-ups;
  • New character archetypes, equipment and vehicles.