Fireball Island The Curse Of Vul-Kar Main Game & Expansion


Fireball Island The Curse Of Val-Kar- This immortal classic is bigger, taller, faster, and doubles down on the kinetic mayhem of the original. 30 years later, the players are back, looking for adventure. As guests on the world’s worst adventure tourism destination, they will traverse wild terrain, gather snapshots of amazing views, and collect treasure along the way. Get the most stuff and get back to the helicopter. Of course, a certain vengeful fire spirit has other ideas. It’s not long before massive fireballs come careening down the paths. Can you make it back at all? The new version of the game features a larger island, faster marbles, and fully redesigned game play. Players play cards to move their figures, manipulate the features on the island, and unleash Vul-Kar’s wrath. This is the main game

Fireball Island Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bees! Expansion-Adds new threats for folks visiting the island, and new treasures for those lucky enough to grab them.This is an Expansion and must be played with the main game.

Fireball The last adventurer Expansion-Has been stranded on Fireball Island a long time. He knows every cave, every path, every snake hole, fire pit, and bug. He has a thing or two to teach the rookies. The Last Adventurer figure to increase player count to five.This is an Expansion and must be played with the main game.

Fireball Wreck Of The Crimson Cutlass Expansion-Introduces a new play area to Fireball IslandThe Curse of Vul-Kar. The ship features new treasures to collect and introduces new action cards with more of a take-that feel. The crow's nest collect marbles until it suddenly tips over, spilling them all over the deck of the ship. This is an Expansion and must be played with the main game.

Ages 7+

2-4 Players


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