Exploding Kittens Main Game & Expansions (Sold Separately)



Exploding Kittens is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats. The game is family friendly and for 2-5 players. This is the most backed project in Kickstarter history and all cards feature illustrations by The Oatmeal.

Ages 7+

2-5 Players

15 Mins

Imploding Kitten The First Expansion- Is the first Expansion of Exploding Kittens. This Expansion deck includes 20 new cards featuring 5 new types of actions AND an "Imploding Kitten" which increases the game from 5 to 6 players. This is an expansion must have main game to play

Streaking Kittens The Second Expansion - Includes 15 cards and instructions that refresh the core game, adding a new level of strategy and hilarity. Features the "Streaking Kitten" card which allows players to secretly hold an exploding kitten in their hand without exploding. This is an expansion and must have the main game to play.

Barking Kittens The Third Expansion - Includes 20 game-changing cards with powerful new actions and features. A wearable cat crown that shields you against steals from other players. This is an expansion and must have main game to play.

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