Earthdawn Throal The Dwarf Kingdom

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The kingdom of Throal is the heart of Barsaive, the center of culture, commerce and knowledge. The dwarfs united the people of Barsive and threw off the yoke of oppression; now traders and adventurers from the dwarf kingdom travel across the land, bringing prosperity and liberty to every town and village. But beneath Throal's stable suface, turmoil and political intrigue are simmering. Driven by ancient grudges and personal ambition, enemies of King Varulus lay dark plots for a future under a new ruler. An aging monarch, his small circle of lyalists, and a crown prince unready to shoulder the burdens of rule are all that stand between the Kingdom of Throal and disaster.

Throal: The Dwarf Kingdom offers Earthdawn players and gamemasters an in-depth look at the mighty dwarf kingdom. From the bustling, noisy Grand Bazaar to the majestic chambers of the Royal Hall, the Kingdom of Throal encompasses seven cities full of people from all walks of life: dwarf merchants, ork tavern-owners, t'skrang swordmasters, windling thieves, and countless others. This sourcebook offers adventure hooks and reams of additional material for Earthdawn adventures and campaigns set in Throal and the surrounding area.