Dark Champions


Dark Champions discusses and describes the modern-day action-adventure genre for gaming, covering everything from costumed vigilante crimefighters, to spies, to cops, to military action stories, to weird conspiracies, and beyond. It shows how to create characters, campaigns, abilities, weapons, and other elements of the genre using the HERO System rules. It includes:

-a complete review of the modern-day action-adventure genre in all its many forms, with guidelines and suggestions for simulating each part of the genre in the HERO System.

-an extensive section on creating Dark Champions characters, including two dozen Package Deals for various criminal, espionage, law enforcement, and military careers, information and expanded rules for popular Skills and Perks, and "Super-skill? abilities for cinematic characters

-combat and adventuring rules for modern-day action games

-detailed chapters on firearms, weapons, and equipment for modern-day characters, including rules for designing and using your own weapons and gear

-information about criminalistics and forensic science, organized crime, terrorism, and other subjects

-advice for GMs about creating and running Dark Champions campaigns

Whatever type of modern-day games you enjoy, and however you like to play them, Dark Champions helps you make them even better!

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