2014 Panini Golden Age Baseball Hobby

by Panini
  • 24 Packs Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack
  • 1 Autograph and 1 Memorabilia Card per box
  • Look for Autographed Donruss Buyback cards!
  • 1 Box Topper per box
  • Autos of Rose, Banks, and Carlton

2014 Panini Golden Age Baseball Hobby Box-- Each Box contains the following: - One Historic Signatures card - One Museum Age Memorabilia Card - Twenty-Four Mini Parallels - Two Headlines - Two Fan Craze - Two National Game - One Newsmakers - One Box Topper Historic Signatures feature on-card autographs from the world of sports and entertainment. Among the signers: Ernie Banks, Bo Derek, Steve Carlton, Loretta Swit, Dick Van Dyke, Rocky Colovito and Pete Rose. Find one Historic Signatures card per box! Each Hobby box contains a special "box topper" - either a 5x7 Golden Age card depicting a player or person not in the base set (and look for memorabilia versions, too!) or a Golden Age nod to the past: a three-card Darby Chocolate panel with perforations. Do you separate them or keep the panel whole? New for 2014: Look for "First 50" parallels of the base cards, each serial #'d/50. Classic Buyback Autographs include on-card signatures on Donruss cards from the past. Look for nearly 500 autographed buybacks! PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: Base Set (150 cards) Look for randomly inserted base set variations! Parallels (150 subjects) - White - 1:120 packs - Black - numbered 1 of 1 - 1st 50 - numbered to 50 Inserts - Fan Craze (8 subjects) - 1:12 -packs - Headlines (9 Subjects) - 1:12 packs - 1913 National (12 Subjects) - 1:12 packs - Star Stamps (30 subjects) - 1:12 packs - Newsmakers (8 subjects) - 1:24 packs Mini Parallels (150 subjects) - Hindu Brown Back - 1:3 packs - Hindu Red Back - 1:8 packs - Croft's Swiss Milk Cocoa - 1:24 packs - Smith's Mello Mint - 1:48 packs - MONO Brand Blue Back- 1:4 packs - MONO Brand Green Back- 1:6 packs - Panini Logo Back - numbered 1 of 1 Autographs (overall odds 1:24 packs) - Historic Signatures (50 subjects) - Historic Cuts (4 subjects) - numbered to 20 or less - Classic Buyback Autographs (9 subjects) Memorabilia - Museum Age (40 subjects) 1:24 packs Bonuses - 5x7 Box Topper (12 subjects) - 1:40 packs - 5x7 Box Topper Memorabilia (11 subjects) - numbered to 50 or less - Darby Chocolate 3-Card Panel Box Topper (30 subjects) - 1:60 packs - Hobby Box Bottom 3-Card Panel (12 subjects) - 1:24 packs Museum Age: With a checklist that captures a snapshot of American history, Museum Age cards feature memorabilia swatches from names of the past - both famous and, in some cases, infamous. Historic Signatures: Historic Signatures feature on-card autographs of HOFers and other legends of baseball, as well as familiar names from the entertainment field. Fan Craze: Whether its athletes or entertainers, we appreciate a select few personalities for their unique talents and contributions to their legacies. Donruss Signatures: Look for on-card signatures on original Donruss cards from the past! Mini Parallel: Mini parallels include seven different collectible backs, including the 1/1 Panini backs! Base Card: 150-card Base set includes personalities from the world of sports, entertainment, politics and American history. 24 Packs Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack

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